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Price: $625.00

Sometimes it's nice to have everything you need to calibrate your gas detector or monitor in one simple carrying case. So we've packaged up calibration kits for you. One Span Gas cylinder. One cylinder of zero nitrogen. A regulator. 3 feet of tubing. And, of course, the carrying case.

Just choose a concentration for your r134a span gas, the flow rate for your new regulator and you're pretty well good to go.

calibration gas


Our prices are better than OEM’s and distributors for r134a Calibration Gas:

Ideal Gases, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of r134a calibration gas standards in portable cylinders. OEM Gas Detector Manufacturers are resellers. We actually make r134a calibration gases.




  1. Ideal r134a Calibration Gas Standards meet or exceed the most demanding industry specifications for OEM calibration gases.
  2. Ideal r134a Calibration Gas Standards have a longer shelf life. That’s what the Ideal Cylinder patent pending process is all about. Which means you can keep a smaller inventory and save money, too.
  3. We know what you need. We are expert in both the manufacture of r134a calibration gas standards and in the repair and maintenance of your gas detectors.
  4. Every r134a calibration gas cylinder is individually manufactured. Standards don’t come in batches. That’s why we make them one at a time instead of bulk transfers like resellers.

Buy Direct. Get the best price.

And remember- gas detectors and gas monitors are only as good as the r134a calibration gas used to calibrate them.  But an incorrectly calibrated r134a gas detector or gas monitor isn't worth much at all.

That's why we offer these videos on how to calibrate your gas detectors and gas monitors with calibration gas.  They're prepared by James Moore of Ideal Calibrations, LLC.

And anyone involved in the calibration of gas detectors should be sure to read Bulletin SHIB 05-04-2004 from the Department of Labor titled Verification Of Calibration for Direct-Reading Portable Gas Monitors.

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