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When you look at this YouTube video kindly made available for the rest of us to see by the TodoALLTVChannel, you'll understand why you need the Top Temp Gun so you can get reliable temperatures for a minimum of 300 feet away with 100:1 distance to spot accuracy. Better to know before you get close if something's going exothermic.

We designed the Top Temp Gun for Firefighters and Hazmat professionals who need to know the surface temperature of things before they get too close.  The Top Temp Gun will measure a 3 foot circle at a distance of 300 feet.  Try that with a standard temperature gun.

 With a temperature range from -76O to 2732OF, you’ll be able to pick up everything from endothermic (cold) to exothermic (hot) reactions. 

The sighting system is a Class III laser (not good to look at but great for targeting.  And to make sure you can see what you’re measuring in any kind of light, the attachable Bushnell site gives you a green dot as well.

Priced at $1296 for the Top Temp Gun by itself and $1882 when you add the attachable Bushnell sighting scope.


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