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 Lab balance

Ideal Gases, Inc. is staffed only with calibration gas professionals.  Our master standardist has been blending calibration gases for forty years. This is his favorite video:

It’s by John Chapman, and he’s a great video resource on the web.
We still make our standards one cylinder at a time.  Why do we do that? Because standards aren’t mass produced.    They’re not made in batches.  If you want calibration gas made in batches, call somebody else.  We don’t do batches.

That is why we still make them one at a time.

Because we make them one at a time, we charge a little more.  If you’d like us to make the standard for you on the day you place the order, there is an extra charge of $150.00.  For primary blend certifications including our molar calculations, there is an extra $200.00 charge.


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