Why We’re Smart

 Studying the Ideal Gas Law keeps us on the ball. In fact, it’s our favorite topic. We’re so geeky that our Master Standardist thinks people like Tyler Dewitt are the future of education. Check out Tyler’s video called Ideal Gas Law Introduction:



Or these videos by some other Ideal Gas Law devotees:



But it’s more important that we listen to our customers and always try to put what we learn to work to make better products.

When you asked for a completely inert cylinder interface so that your reactive gas mixtures would be stable, we paid attention.

We spent years researching and testing different ideas, and, finally, we created the Ideal Cylinder.  Shelf life of three years- longer than any other portable calibration standard on the market.

When you talked to us and said your carbon monoxide detectors were showing carbon monoxide readings even when there was none present, that caught our attention, too.  We investigated and found out was causing the problem.

Carbon monoxide sensors are protected from other gases interfering with their readings by a thin carbon filter.  These filters can saturate quickly in certain environments and allow contaminants to go straight through to the sensor and sometimes to cause false readings.  We developed Sensor Check Gas.  With this new product you can check your carbon monoxide sensors and instantly tell if their filter is compromised.

Good things come from listening to you.

We’re going to keep doing it.

And we’re gong to keep learning.  At Ideal Gases, we believe in education.  We don’t care if it’s from a college textbook or something we hear in a factory.  Or educational videos on the Internet.

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